American Train Wreck

by Pale In Comparison

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released January 20, 2017

Matt Biggs - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Kyle Lee - Vocals, Bass
Andrew Olson - Drums

Recorded by Jim Hagstrom at Dog Talk Studios
Mastered by Jake Larson
All songs written by Pale In Comparison
Artwork by Tommie Bester



all rights reserved


Pale In Comparison Duluth, Minnesota

Formed in 2010 by Matt Biggs and Kyle Lee.

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Track Name: American Train Wreck
Get 'em when they're young, get 'em when they're naive
Company policy is cash in on their 15
Offer them a contract, say their dreams have come true
Just don't read the fine print, or you'll realize you're screwed

Creating American train wrecks, mass producing social pariahs
Flooding the airwaves with mindless drivel so they can line their pockets
Whine and complain about piracy while screwing the consumer
They don't deserve a single dime, yet they're making billions off of you

One day they got the idea, make the talent come to them
Turn it into a game show, let the public chime in
Have the masses pick the star, feed off their fame
Next season comes along, time to forget their name

Off of you!
Off of you! They're making billions
Off of you and your ignorance.
Track Name: N.D.A.A.
The President swears that he'll never use it
But how long until someone abuses it?
They'll say it's to keep you safe
There's gotta be a better way

NDAA! Freedoms will soon go awat
NDAA! Fascism is on it's way
NDAA! Jail those who don't support
NDAA! On our way to '84

Indefinite detention and executions
To me that doesn't sound like a solution
No longer trial by jury
Now you're in a military court because of
Track Name: The One And Only
For such an open mind
You're awfully closed off
Can't conceive you might be wrong
At the thought you just scoff

Mystical aura it's almost holy
Diamond in the rough you wear it so boldly
In a class of your own it must be lonely
You're so special the "One And Only"

A January rose
You're nothing but thorns
Yet any attempt to condemn
Draws nothing but scorn
Track Name: Red White & Blew
Say you won't play because the game can't be won
That no one should be forced to pick their poison
Refuse to act when you're under the gun
But news flash! They don't care for your opinion

Get down on your knees there's always someone to please
Only this time they want more than their palms getting greased
Claim they can provide you with all of your needs
Just excreting lies so they can accede

"This one's on my side!" you say with glee
The spitting image of decency
Something tells me he's not so squeaky clean
You've been lulled to sleep, while they're living the dream
Track Name: Sellout
I don't think it qualifies as art, when you
Pander to the lowest common denominator
Give the people what you think they want
Money's all you care about, that and you're 15

Sellout! Abandoned what you stood for
Sellout! Sold your soul for a few dollars more
Sellout! Think you can buy inner peace
Sellout! Motivated by greed

Write the most generic songs
Why put in effort when they all buy into it?
And do I sense a lack passion
Maybe, to you, it's more about the fashion
Track Name: Pop Goes the Pop Star
Riding so high, you thought it'd never end
So full of yourself because you were the biggest trend
Blinded by pride, can't see what's around the bend
Now you've reached the top, let the freefall begin

Pop goes the pop star you've outlived your fame
Wrote one too many bad songs, career's gone down the drain
Pop goes the pop star no longer a big shot
With money on your mind, sold out the first chance you got

You wonder why your newest album won't sell
It's because you're headed to celebrity hell
Pathetic attempts to reclaim your fame
Every time you fail, wonder "Who is to blame?"

Pop goes the pop star
Track Name: Death
Death is just out of your touch
And you cherish your life too much
And one day you will see
Your own eternity

And then you'll see
Death's intensity
And when you die
It will go on and on and on

The thing you fear the most
And it won't go away
You wil be there someday
And there you will stay
Track Name: The Next Big Thing
Bombs going off, bio weapons in the air
Poison in your food, well I bet you're scared
Armies build up, waiting to declare
Finger on the button, can't help but stare
Caught up in the rush, adrenaline ensnares
Words cut deep and tempers flare
Calm your nerves, and you become aware
That someone else profits from your dispair

Could be this or could be that
Time for another panic attack
Terror in the streets, was that a pistols crack?
Death around every corner so watch your back
Can't leave your house and it drives you mad
A caged animal, you're caught in a trap
Airwaves to the screen, a voice says to relax
Nothing left to do but drink lies from the tap

One group decries while another detracts
A most efficient way to distract
Apply more pressure, refuse to cut slack
Foundation crumbles as we widen the cracks
Tension builds until blood spills
Now everybody wants payback
Fuel the flame, your pain is their gain
Cameras rolling waiting for a bloodbath

Rinse, repeat, find the next big thing
Make a killing through fear mongering
Why tell the truth when the lies pay more?
Who knew you'd turn a profit when you misinform

We're tired of your lies
You deceive us so we despise
So obvious this plan you've devised
In order to conquer you must divide
Thinking you can do what you please
Were not so gullible, you can't make us believe
All this misinformatiom with relative ease
Try to sell a "cure" when you're the disease
Track Name: And Now A Word From Our Sponsors
Ever wonder why it seems every politician lies?
Last I checked you can't die from the truth
Maybe someone stopped their well from running dry
Quid pro quo, such a poisonous fruit

Doesn't matter if it's left or right
Seduction via dollar signs
Seems like a bit of an unfair fight
So much grey I can't see the blurred lines

Special interest groups, out buying politicians
No longer serving us, money gave them tunnel vision
Senators half off, shopping spree on capitol hill
Government dine-and-dash now we're stuck with the bill
Track Name: Hey! You!
Bashing my beliefs, while boasting tolerance
Hypocrisy the name of your song and dance
Whine and complain 'bout how you're right and they're wrong
But I think you're against freedom of opinion

Hey! You!

Need to shut up and listen for once
Realize you're not omnipotent
Admit your mistakes and learn from them
You need to get over yourself my friend

Oh I'm sorry did I bruise your ego?
I'll make sure not to do it again
You think I'm being sincere?
I guess you don't get sarcasm
Track Name: Suck Cesspool
Worked your ass off for twelve straight years
Finished college the envy of your peers
Now it's keep your mouth shut and look the other way
Brown nose enough you'll reach the top some day

Congratulations you made it to the top
Only now you realize this isn't what you want
Put on the happy face but deep down you're not
Sitting in your suck cesspool you start to rot

You're the company man, working fourteen hour days
Tell yourself "It's worth it" as you slave away
For a faceless corporation, got a moron for a boss
Inch your way up the ladder but at what cost?

Finally at the top, no longer a drone
But your wife divorced you 'cause you were never home
Took the house, took the kids, hell she even took the dog
Looks like money couldn't buy you happiness all along
Track Name: Crash and Burn
A walking corpse, a shell of a man
The face of one who is without a plan
So hard to accept things out of his control
Common sense, can't seem to eradicate his woes

Watch me, crash and burn
My motives are not your concern
Ignition point, you can't discern
One way trip not to return
Watch me, crash and burn
Pour my ashes in the urn
Never reaching what I yearn
I don't think I'll ever learn

A broken heart, and empty hand
Well palms out, he'll beg, for his misery to end
Dissatisfied, though he's grown accustom to rejection
He's developing disdain, for his own reflection
Track Name: Thyme
I see that I am changing
I need to have some more
My clock says time is passing
Old age is such a bore

So take it or leave it or have some more
Everthing will change just like before
The time the time, time will pass
Everything you see will not last

I feel my heart is slowing
The time went out the door
Mortality is showing
Some time I need some more
Track Name: Shock and Awful
About to pull a stunt, that'll surprise everyone
But what can you do that hasn't already been done?
Soothe your wounded ego anything to assuage
So tell me how long before you kill yourself on stage

Shock and awful guess you're not so
Great in fact you're just the worst
Feedble minded, totaly spineless
Pithless waste of oxygen

You're really quite a sight, something to be reviled
Scream and shout on stage spewing nonsensical bile
I see through your facade of a genius gone wild
These are nothing but the acts of a petulant child
Track Name: Broken
Make it so it breaks down in less than a year
Cheaper to replace, than to repair
More money in the long run, when everything breaks
Pennies on the dollar, the cost of what they make

Planned obsolescence, put us in this mess
Buy break replace, a cycle we can't escape
They don't care how poorly made, as long as it gets sold
Everything's broken, products unreliable

Profit more important, than customer satisfaction
Why bother changing when there's no negative reaction?
Our throw away society, allows this to continue
Everyone's convinced, old is never better than new
Track Name: Hipster
Upper middle class, and you've got yourself a trust fund
Smoke a pack of Cloves, brag about being vegan
I fail to see how, what you do's remotely fun
That amount of ignorance leaves everyone stunned

Hipster yeah you're a massive tool
Doing things to be ironic, think you're so cool
What you don't realize is that you're just a joke
Trends control you more than those who blindly follow

Even a fool seems wise when he keeps his mouth shut
But for you that doesn't seem to be an option
Walking around in a cloud of smug
How'd you convince yourself you're better than everyone?
Track Name: 1984 Inc.
Welcome, to 1984 Incorperated
We know everything that goes through your head
Thanks to our cutting edge technology
We know what you're doing 24/7

We see you've eaten alone the last ten nights
So we recommend these dating sites
Hey check it out, all your friends love this band
You searched for something once now, here's a million ads

We rule the world there's nothing you can do
We decide, who gets rich and who gets screwed
Sell your personal information just to make a quick buck
We don't care about privacy stop making such a fuss