The Next Big Thing

from by Pale In Comparison

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Bombs going off, bio weapons in the air
Poison in your food, well I bet you're scared
Armies build up, waiting to declare
Finger on the button, can't help but stare
Caught up in the rush, adrenaline ensnares
Words cut deep and tempers flare
Calm your nerves, and you become aware
That someone else profits from your dispair

Could be this or could be that
Time for another panic attack
Terror in the streets, was that a pistols crack?
Death around every corner so watch your back
Can't leave your house and it drives you mad
A caged animal, you're caught in a trap
Airwaves to the screen, a voice says to relax
Nothing left to do but drink lies from the tap

One group decries while another detracts
A most efficient way to distract
Apply more pressure, refuse to cut slack
Foundation crumbles as we widen the cracks
Tension builds until blood spills
Now everybody wants payback
Fuel the flame, your pain is their gain
Cameras rolling waiting for a bloodbath

Rinse, repeat, find the next big thing
Make a killing through fear mongering
Why tell the truth when the lies pay more?
Who knew you'd turn a profit when you misinform

We're tired of your lies
You deceive us so we despise
So obvious this plan you've devised
In order to conquer you must divide
Thinking you can do what you please
Were not so gullible, you can't make us believe
All this misinformatiom with relative ease
Try to sell a "cure" when you're the disease


from American Train Wreck, released January 20, 2017


tags: punk Duluth


all rights reserved


Pale In Comparison Duluth, Minnesota

Formed in 2010 by Matt Biggs and Kyle Lee.

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